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#1 Shiplap Contractor In the Carolinas!

Shiplap Ideas For Walls & Ceilings

Disclaimer: We are shiplap Loving addicts, be careful of Shiplap's very contagious!

You're probably wondering, How much does shiplap installation cost? The short answer is, not that much compared to other more common home improvement upgrades...Shiplap installation is relatively inexpensive when , however, it lands a big punch when it comes to wow factor!


Shiplap Ceilings

Shiplap is not only intended for walls, but an excellent option to dress up an otherwise ordinary ceiling to add character to the room. The ceiling space is so often times overlooked when it comes to home improvement ideas...Don't forget to look into that ceiling potential, it's a blank canvas just waiting to be tapped into!


Shiplap Islands

Shiplap is a very practical and cost effective upgrade one can do to turn that island into a bold statement! Turn that drab of an island into a shiplap fab!


Shiplap Walls

Like crown molding, shiplap is highly versatile and timeless in nature, you simply can't go wrong incorporating  it into your home. Whether you are looking to dress up an accent wall or create a fabulous staircase, you simply can't go wrong with shiplap!

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